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Cool hairstyles - classics - bebelisa12 - 26.02.2020

Classic braided hairstyles will not disappear from the scene as quickly as bob hairstyles. Whether medium or long hair, a ponytail is made quickly and always looks chic - whether low or high-lying! Beach waves or curls also create a special style and loosen up bob cuts or long hairstyles. No time for curling irons & Co.? Not bad, so you get beach waves over night!
With hairstyles, we don't always have to reinvent the wheel! Instead of a new haircut, simple manipulations are sometimes enough and the buy lace wigs[font=宋体] [/font]hairstyle looks like it has been prepared for a long time. Here you can find simple hairstyles for which you don't even need five minutes!
Meghan Markle once again demonstrates style and comes to an event in Windsor with a new hairstyle that is a real eye-catcher! As always, she managed to style her long curly hair in a classically beautiful way and is thus setting a new autumn trend. In the video we show you the new hairstyle that we already love!
It will be natural! Both dark blonde and a rich brown are back in fashion. If you still want to help out with your hair color, you should definitely focus on highlights. They come into their own particularly well with a chocolate-colored basic tone. With dark blonde hair, we should not dye our hairline and only lighten the length of the hair a little. This looks particularly natural and brings our natural hair color big.