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They also dreamed more often about alcohol and about animals. Finally, they often dreamed about family members. Four weeks after stopping drinking the investigated (former) addicts described a decrease in strange dreams and the dreams were less sexually motivated. To eliminate and prevent fatigue, it is usually sufficient to remove waste in the body. This can be done using an ion foot bath, a device also known as ionic foot bath, ionic detox, aqua detox foot spa, ion detox foot bath, detox foot bath etc.
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Proteins are essential for everyone and come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the function they have. This article covers a number of proteins. Receptor proteins Receptor proteins are special proteins. They are located in cell membranes and some types react with antibodies, others with hormones. Receptor proteins ensure that a hormone can bind to the proteins themselves and end up in the right cells. This is the case with HLA proteins, for example.
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In addition, fibers are also important in another area. They are not digestible for the small intestines, but they do ensure that the intestines function properly. Most people know the fibers of this. Do you suffer from abdominal cramps and do you think back to what you have eaten in recent days? Often the cause is found in a lack of fiber intake. A day with lots of crackers, pasta, white rice and animal products? That can be disastrous for the proper functioning of your intestines.
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 The history of the Paleo diet In the 70s this diet was made popular for the first time by Walter L. Voegtlin. Since then the concept has been researched and promoted by many different people in books. The idea behind the paleo diet is the following: genetically speaking, modern humans do not differ much from hunters, collectors and fishermen, for that reason the eating habits of the inhabitants of the Stone Age are very suitable for people of today.
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With cow's milk allergy, we even see overstretching as the most important symptom. The baby constantly tightens the back muscles. The head is also bent backwards. The problem with babies that stretch over is that the back muscles become very strong and the abdominal muscles the opposite: very weak. This makes it difficult for the baby to relax and often results in a crying baby. The cause, an allergy to cow's milk, must therefore be tackled.
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 What is wear Wear is the deterioration of the joints. These can be large but also small joints. Joints ensure the mobility of the human body. For example, bone parts can move relative to each other. Wear and tear causes damage to the joints, preventing the bone parts from moving properly. Pain and stiffness then arise. Causes of wear The causes often lie in aging: frequent use of joints wear out over the years. This is a normal phenomenon and almost unavoidable.

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