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Hair: Mark Leeson
"The 'Portrait' collection is a homage to my craft. I not only wanted to push creative boundaries, but also to show my passion for successful and expressive pictures. The feeling of intimacy comes from the innovative use of light and shadow They not only lend this collection timelessness, but also combine high hair coutoure with down-to-earth realism. 'Portrait' also has a high-quality, almost surrealistic appeal and brings contrasts and texture into this monochromantic collection ". Mark Leeson
Hair: Mark Leeson
Photography: Andrew O'Toole
Make-up: Naoko Scintu
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Products: Goldwell
Images: Five Point Alliance
Trend expert Intercoiffure Andrea Filthaus knows exactly what's hot this year in terms of hair trends. During her research to prepare for this year's collection shoot, they always come in three major directions: (1) contouring, (2) bangs, (3) movement and structure in the real hair wigs hair. "Whether in blogs or beauty magazines, these three trends can be found everywhere in the different variants and designs." What is behind it?

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