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ecurity which shreds your paper into sand-like
Travel nurses are a rapidly growing class of professionals who are becoming a common sight across healthcare organizations around the world. Their demand is increasingly steadily in mainland US as more and more hospitals Zach Ertz Shirt , clinics and other healthcare facilities across the nation are employing them in greater number to meet the demands for trained nursing professionals.

As a result of this, travel nursing agencies have started to assume a position of great importance in the scheme of things. These agencies are among the best means available today to find lucrative opportunities in travel nursing in the quickest possible time. Willing candidates who wish to start working as travel nurses can simply choose to get enlisted with them to start receiving offers before long. On the basis of your preferences Nick Foles Shirt , you will be linked up with prospective employers from all over the land, saving you all the time and sweat of having to look for such opportunities all by yourself.

Travel nursing jobs offer a great career opportunity for all those who have the requisite training to work as medical nurses and do not mind some amount of traveling or being relocated to a different part of the country. There are plenty of benefits that accompany these jobs Dallas Goedert Shirt , such as assistance in finding accommodation, health insurance facilities Carson Wentz Shirt , free transportation to and fro the place of work and very lucrative remuneration that can go up to $60 per hour.

Travel nursing jobs also provide you with the unique opportunity to have a career in the medical and healthcare sector and be employed by some of the best names in the business. If you have no problems with relocating to a different state, the doors to fantastic opportunities will be open to you. So get enlisted with a travel nursing agency today and get ready to start working before long.

Given the recent boom in healthcare and the emergence of newer hospitals and other medical facilities all over the country Clayton Thorson Shirt , there is a huge demand for well-trained nursing professionals. And by opting to work as a travel nurse, you could fill in those vacancies. So get started today and start building a rewarding and exciting career.

Healthcare Seeker - About Author:
Myself webmaster of Healthcare Seeker ( ) - A leading travel nurse agency that helps professionals to find the best per diem (temporary and traveling) Shareef Miller Shirt , right to hire and full time positions in the market.

How Well Does the Olympia 1702.1CPKG High Security Shredder Stack up Against the Competition? Technology Articles | June 30, 2010
The Olympia 1702.1CPKG High Security Shredder appears to be a solid machine with very competitive specs relative to the competition. Used properly I'm not sure why you wouldn't have this machine fo...

The Olympia 1702.1CPKG High Security Shredder appears to be a solid machine with very competitive specs relative to the competition. Used properly I'm not sure why you wouldn't have this machine for quite some time. Below we break down the individual specs.


NSA Approved JJ Arcega-Whiteside Shirt , this shredder sports level 6 security which shreds your paper into sand-like particles. You only need this level of security if you are working in or with the government. The downside to level 6 machines is that you can generally only do a few sheets per pass and the cutting heads are more prone to damage from staples or paper clips so you should always remove them to prolong the life of your machine. If you don't need this level of security we recommend you jusm to a level 3 or 4.

Shredable Material

The Olympia 1702.1CPKG High Security Shredder can shred Paper. If you need to be able to shred something else then we recommend that you look at a larger machine andor look for something with a little bit lower security (the higher the security the less likelihood that the machine shreds something other than paper).

Continuous Motor

This shredder is not rated for continuous use. That simply means that you will have to shut the machine down after a certain period of time to let it cool off. Now don't let this scare you away because most people will never reach that point unless they just sit down and start shredding and shredding and shredding. If you plan on doing all your shredding at one sitting then it is highly recommended that you get a machine with a continuous duty motor, otherwise you're just fine.

Bin Size

The Olympia 1702.1CPKG High Security Shredder sports a hefty 46 gallon bin. We know that you're not messing around when you get up in this size. You'll be able to go quite some time before you have to actually empty that thing out. Fill up your machine Miles Sanders Shirt , skip the gym and just carry the full bag around the office all day!

Throat Size

A 16 inch throat means that you can fit just about anything into this bad boy. Gone are the days of folding your oversized paper or crumpling and jamming your machine with regular-sized paper. This guy gets 2 thumbs up for the often underestimated large throat size.

Auto Oiler

This machine gets a huge bonus for having the automatic oiler already installed. This means that you don't have to worry about oiling the machine or figuring out who oiled it last. It is a fact that well oiled cutting heads will prolong the life of your machine. All you have to worry about is changing the oil in the reservoir and you're good-to-go.


With an MSRP of $13,512.50 this shredder is not the cheapest around but remember to NEVER pay the full amount. You can find discounts of up to 50% off if you look around on the web.

About the Manufacturer

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