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body, no one knows what the
The night is cool, and the treetops are insidious. The corner of the building at the corner was slowly wrapped by the edge of the night Newport Cigarettes Coupons, making it impossible to distinguish. The steel bars on the roof are covered with rust in the pale moonlight Wholesale Cigarettes, and the moonlight also contains rust. In the package building, only the woman is a faint yellow light. It seems that women are generally weak with this light. The dim light was hard to support the bright woman, and the woman was struggling to support her waist. The woman loves to eat spicy, she feels that she is pregnant with the boy, the other hand strokes the belly back and forth Marlboro Cigarettes. That really real life is in her body, no one knows what the future unpredictable day means for this mother and child. The moonlight is divided into pieces by the screens, and some of them just hit the woman's face. Plump nose, thin two lips, slightly tremble, a few days is a woman's day on the bedside table with a woman and another person's photo, the two people in the photo bathed in the sun, the taste of happiness is like I am about to overflow from the photo. The woman raised the same smile as in the photo, but she couldn��t lift it like that. The woman held her hand and held the photo in one hand. Suddenly, my thoughts rushed into the throat. The child in the belly kicked the woman's belly for a while. The woman��s stomach hurts so badly that the weak body cannot withstand the toss. She slowly did the ground, the red blood flowed down the inside of the legs, the pain was not only the baby, don't worry, Dad will send us to the hospital. The woman looked at the hand-held photo frame on the glass sheet and showed that the woman's pale sweaty cheek pain quickly invaded every part of her body, and the woman's every move became extraordinarily hard. The moonlight passed through the window and sprinkled unevenly. The potted flower on the window is yellow and leaves, but it still stands upright like a moonlight, and the flower is like a complex face. The pale woman is desperately moving to the side of the table, putting down the photo in her hand and picking up the scissors on the table. The room was so quiet that only the woman��s mouth was wide and gasping, and it was the cry of two lives that were eager to live. The woman took the lighter out of the bedside table and burned the scissors. The woman leaned against the bed and clutched the sheets tightly with both hands.
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